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Microwave oven is now a thing. It is a must-have kitchen appliance in our modern world. It is used for reheating, grilling or baking your food. It effectively carries out these tasks. If you like your pizza hot or your chocolate warm, having a microwave oven at your easy reach is required.

This guide will cover things to consider in order to get a suitable microwave oven.

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Table: Best microwave ovens
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1 Toshiba
About: Versatile Combination Cooking Combines microwave and oven functions you can defr... Show more
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2 Russell Hobbs
About: With a compact and stylish design this 20 litre capacity microwave is perfect fo... Show more
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3 Panasonic
About: 20L capacity | 800W High Power Microwave | 1000W Grill Function – Perfect for ba... Show more
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4 Sharp
About: Microwave – This 800 W microwave has a 20 Litre capacity and comes complete with... Show more
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5 Samsung
About: Heat Wave grill - prepare perfectly grilled food | Quick defrost - reduce your d... Show more
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6 Panasonic
About: Slimline design, 27L | Larger turntable (34cm) | 1000W Microwave power with Inve... Show more
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7 Sharp
About: Microwave – This 800 W microwave has a 20 Litre capacity and comes complete with... Show more
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8 Klarstein
About: MULTIFUNCTIONAL: The Klarstein Caroline microwave oven is the space-saving all-a... Show more
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9 Cookology
About: Impressive 25 Litre Capacity | Large 31.5cm Turntable - great for large plates |... Show more
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10 CDA Products
About: The built in CDA VM451SS combination microwave provides exceptional cooking powe... Show more
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Our Ranking Criteria

In short, we do the research for you. You probably don't have time to read through reviews of top 40 products. We go through reviews for you, and try to paint a decent picture of your best options. We rank the products based on 4 weighted criteria:
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  • brand trustworthiness [15%] - the more other high-rated products by this brand, the more trustworthy we consider the vendor
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What about the price?

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Ideally, we try to recommend better-featured items that have a lower price and high customer score, but in most cases you can't espace the fact that extra features/quality cost extra money.

Please take a look at the price chart for microwave ovens to see the best picks in each budget.

In a nutshell: 3 most popular options

Price ranges for best-selling Microwave Ovens:

We made a price chart of the top selling Microwave Ovens (see below). Budget options start at £73.99, going up £307.97. The most popular option is priced at £149.99, which is on the pricier side.

What is a microwave oven?

A microwave oven which can also be referred to as a microwave is an electric oven that increases the temperature of food through electromagnetic radiation called microwaves which causes heat. The radiation is generated at a very high frequency of about 2450 megahertz by means of a magnetron. The microwaves are absorbed by food nutrients and they heat the food without warming the air surrounding the food in the microwave oven.

What are the types of microwave ovens?

When planning on buying a microwave oven, you could find yourself in a state of dilemma on what type of microwave oven to buy. Microwave ovens could be classified based on usage and based on form. Based on usage, there are basically three types of microwave ovens:

  • Solo microwave oven

This is the basic form of a microwave oven. It is used for simple cooking and increasing food temperature.

  • Grill microwave oven

As its name implies, this type of oven is best for grilling beef, fishes, turkeys and the likes. Therefore, they come with additional grilling accessories.

  • Convection microwave  oven

This is built with heating features and a fan to create waves inside the microwave oven. It is suitable for grilling, baking, reheating food and so on. Convection ovens are a big deal for people who like entertaining guests with baked cakes, roasted chickens, barbecue and so on.

Based on their form, these are the types that are commonly found.

  • Over-the-range microwave (OTR) oven
  • Combination microwave oven.

  • Over-the-range microwave oven (OTR)

 This is the commonly found microwave oven. Convection over-the-range microwave oven is often mounted on kitchen cabinets or countertops that is, they are free-standing. They are suitable for a kitchen with limited space. They have a display which allows one to see the food one is preparing clearly. They also have fans and other essential features.

  • Combination microwave oven (Combi)

This is a multi-tasking microwave oven that offers the features of both a solo microwave oven and convection oven. The two parts perform the same function. Although, the combi oven essentially oversees the oven function while the combi microwave oversees the microwave functions. They combine the tasks of reheating food, grilling and baking e.t.c. They are suitable for one who cooks a variety of food. For instance, when making a roast, the grill and convection heating would be easy access. Also, while preparing pizza, the grill and microwave heat would be of great use. They can only be built-in but cannot be left freestanding. They take a large space thus, they are not suitable for a small kitchen and they are expensive.

 While planning to buy an oven, the family size must also be taken into consideration. Yes, it goes a long way to affect the 'type' you would actually want to settle for.


  • For a small family (2-4 members): This family can opt for a solo microwave oven whose ideal capacity is 15-24 litres. Its power consumption is usually between 500-800 watts which is quite economical and will help save up some amounts of the electricity bills. However, the more one reduces the power consumption of this microwave oven, the longer the cooking time.
  • For a mini family (4-6 members): This type of family will require a mid-sized microwave oven which could be the grill microwave oven or the convection microwave oven. Its capacity usually falls between 25-31 litres which should sufficiently meet the needs of a mini family of 4-6 members. The power yield ranges from 800-1200 watts.
  • For a large family (6-8 members) or a restaurant: If you have a large family, a full-sized microwave oven is an ideal option. It could be a grill microwave oven or convection microwave oven. Purchasing a combination microwave oven can be considered here too. A full-sized microwave oven usual capacity is 32 litres upwards. It, however, consumes a lot of power as its wattage falls between 1200-1600 watts. Therefore, be ready to foot those high electricity bills if this is your required type.

Note that some high wattage microwave oven costs less. Therefore, higher prices does not connote higher wattage.

What would pass as a good wattage for a microwave?

The wattage determines how quickly the food heats. Thus, the higher the wattage, the better your microwave oven will work.  A good wattage ranges between 900-1000 watt to ensure efficient heating, defrosting or cooking. A lower watt will take more time heating things.

Which microwave oven is best for me?

  The process of choosing a microwave oven in the United Kingdom is similar to what is done in other places. To buy a microwave oven, you should consider

  1. Your purpose of buying one which is whether you want it just for reheating food and cooking; grilling or baking.
  2. You should consider the kitchen space too which is where the choice of picking between an over-the-range microwave oven or combination microwave oven comes in.
  3. Additionally, the family size will determine what size of microwave oven you should buy as mentioned earlier. We have also recognized that the microwave’s size goes a long way to determine the capacity (in litres) as well as the power consumption rate in watts.

Must-have features of a microwave oven.

A typical microwave oven must have the following features. These features are essential moreover, they aid easy and safe usage of a microwave oven.

  • The Display

This is a see-through feature of a microwave oven.

  • Interior

The interior is often made of stainless steel which enhances the circulation of microwave in the oven.

  • Turntable

 It is also called the carousel. It is the microwave plate and it is often made of ceramic or glass.

  • Racks

The racks are adjustable and they provide more space for dishes in the microwave oven. This promotes making the utmost use of the microwave oven space.

  • Sensor

With the sensor button, you can sit back and wait. It helps to detect the duration a food needs to cook automatically.

  • Interlocks

You would not want your microwave door to fly open while operating, would you? Do not worry, the interlocks got you covered!

  • Manual power level

 You take control with this feature because it allows you reset the power level.

The above-stated features are essential parts of a microwave oven. Other parts you could find are auto-menus which varies depending on the microwave oven, the pre-heat for people who like to bake, rotisserie which is ideal for lovers of barbecue and poultry, some microwave ovens also come with child lockout feature which comes as a lockable and releasable keypad. This is to protect kids from kitchen hazards.

What accessories come with a microwave?

We have just taken a tour on the must-have features of a microwave oven. Now, let us dive into the accessories which come in handy with a microwave oven. Just like bracelets and rings are accessories to a dress, here are some accessories of a microwave oven which you could purchase to meet your need. They would make cooking, baking or grilling  done easily and effectively:

  • Pasta cooker

This comes as plastic containers with lids. They make cooking pasta like spaghetti, noodles, linguine, fettuccine very easier and faster.

  • Plate cover

These are usually made of safe plastic. It helps to cover food in the microwave to prevent spilling of food in its interior. This helps to keep the microwave oven interior clean.

  • Microwave crisper

Here in the UK, crispy food is a thing, as you know. This accessory helps to add that crispy taste to your chicken, bacon or pizza. Put the food in a crisper and place a plate cover on it to get that crispy dish as opposed to a soggy one.

  • Popcorn popper

This helps you get to eat the tasty popcorn and not soft or bagged ones. It also aids easy measurement of butter, caramel toppings and other ingredients for your popcorn.

  • Steam Sterilizer

The steam from this accessory is used to clean infant bottles. Bottles could also be stored in a steam sterilizer.

  • Potato bags

If you cook potatoes often, this accessory is right for you. This helps you bake potatoes safely in the microwave in a short while.

  • Charcoal Filter

This helps to enhance ventilation. They help to purify the interior air and remove odour, vapour or steam.

There are other available microwave oven accessories that you can get depending on the food.  They include rice cooker, ramen cooker, microwave oven gloves, egg maker, microwave coffee maker, hot dog maker, meat thermometer and so on.

Is there a difference between the microwave oven and a traditional oven?

The difference between a microwave oven and a traditional oven is that the microwave oven is used to heat food via microwave radiations. They heat the food without heating the surrounding air of the food hence, the process is often called microwaving. The solo microwave oven is an ideal example. 

A traditional oven on the other hand starts heating the food from the inside which then heats the entire food and its surrounding. This process is particularly called baking. Kilns and furnace oven are perfect types.

What are the benefits that microwave ovens present?

Just like everyday technological appliances which help to make the world an easier place to live, the benefits of microwave ovens are not far-fetched.  The benefits are:

  • Reliable: They do not burn food thus, they are reliable. So, sit and watch your favourite Netflix movie while your pizza heats up in your microwave oven. However, don’t get too lost in the movie as your food could overheat.
  • Convenient: Just at a press of a button, your food heats up.  No sweats, no stress.
  • Time-saving: They work really fast and save time. They will help you prepare your breakfast in no time and prevent getting late to work.
  • Healthy: You can steam your veggies without losing essential nutrients. You can also steam your baby’s water-bottle in a healthy way.

Are there plausible disadvantages from using this device?

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to the use of a microwave oven. They include:

Fire outbreak: Over-heating could lead to a fire outbreak. Products that are heated for long can catch fire causing great loss to businesses and properties.

Home accidents: Kids could go near it and get hurt. To prevent this, parents and guardians should be mindful at all times. Not using the microwave oven glove while taking out hot food could also lead to burnt fingers. Therefore, safety precautions should be taken at all times.

Unsafe dishes: Using microwave unfriendly dishes could lead to chemical reactions which would render the food a waste.

Should one opt for built-in or free-standing microwave oven?

Here are factors to consider in order to make this decision:

-Kitchen size: a large kitchen can allow for a built-in one but if it is a large kitchen, free-standing e.g over-the-counter will do.

-Homeowner: if you live in a rented apartment, you might just want to consider getting a free-standing microwave oven because of the stress of removing a built-in while packing out.

-Budget: the cost of installing a built-in microwave oven should be considered too.

What safety precautions should be taken while using the microwave oven?

  • Use the manufacturer’s guide before use.
  • Ensure that the door is fully closed always while using the microwave oven.
  • Use microwave-safe containers and not ordinary containers.
  • Use microwave hand gloves for carrying warm food.
  • Fix leakages as soon as possible.
  • Do not overheat food.

How should one clean the microwave oven?

Cleaning the microwave oven is quite simple, you can clean it with lemon or with water and vinegar. 

Here is a guide you could use- cleaning with vinegar

  • Place water and vinegar in a bowl
  • Place the mixture in a microwave.
  • Allow the microwave to cool then, wipe the interior down with the foam or sponge.
  • Cleaning with Lemons:
  • Cut lemons into half and squeeze into a microwave-safe bowl
  • Drop the lemon shell into the bowl then microwave for three minutes.
  • Wipe the interior with this mixture.

Microwave Oven vs Air fryer: A comparison.

Air fryers are new in the market. Its similarity with the microwave oven makes buyers question the essence of microwave ovens. The main difference between them is that microwave ovens produce microwaves while air fryers use convection heating. The air fryer cooks significantly well but it is not as fast as microwave oven whose speed has been said to be six times faster than other cooking devices.

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