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Popularity: 99 / 100
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Night Blue
Release Date: 2016
  • The Aero force 3-stage cleaning system with 5x air Power* for a powerful clean to pull in embedded dirt, debris, and pet hair. Compared to Roomba  600 series Aero vac system
  • Navigates itself across rooms and stays away from the rooms and items you choose ( i-adapt 2. 0 with visual localization technology).
  • Dirt detect sensors recognize concentrated areas of dirt and prompt the robot to clean them more thoroughly.
  • The auto-adjust cleaning head automatically adapts its height to keep the dual multi-surface brushes in close contact with different floor surfaces, to effectively clean hard floors and carpets.
  • Dual multi-surface rubber brushes effectively pull in pet hair, dust, dirt, and large debris without hair being tangled (which can happen with bristle brushes)
Popularity: 99 / 100
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Release Date: 2014
  • Cleans For You: Clean your house with the click of a button. Versatile cleaning modes clean every nook and cranny.
  • High-Capacity Li-ion Battery: Delivers strong suction power for up to 1.5 hours.
  • 3-Point Cleaning System: Side brushes, a rolling brush and powerful suction ensure a thorough clean.
  • Premium Features: Anti-scratch tempered glass cover for protection, infrared-sensor for evading obstacles, and drop-sensing tech to avoid falls. Recharges automatically.
  • What You Get: Eufy RoboVac 11, remote control (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, high-performance filter, 4 side brushes, welcome guide and our worry-free 12-month warranty.
Popularity: 98 / 100
£669.99 Show listing
Black/Brown W/ Extras
Release Date: September 2015
  • ** UK Mainland Delivery Only **
  • <b>Battery:</b> Y
  • <b>Collection:</b> Bagless
  • <b>Diameter:</b> 394 mm
  • <b>Filter:</b> HEPA
Popularity: 97 / 100
Release Date: May 2017
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App; compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System loosens, lifts & suctions dirt with up to 5x the air power
  • Tangle-free Dual Multi-Surface Brushes handle pet hair with ease; high-efficiency filter captures 99% of allergens, pollen, and particles as small as 10 microns
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture to help thoroughly clean all your floors
Popularity: 96 / 100
Release Date: 11 Jun 2017
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot HOME App; compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Multi-Surface Brushes pick up everything from small particles to large debris
  • Dirt Detect sensors alert Roomba to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot under and around furniture to help thoroughly clean your floors
  • Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head automatically adapts its height to effectively clean carpets and hard floors
Popularity: 96 / 100
Release Date: August 2012
  • With just the press of a button, Roomba gets to work
  • Intelligent navigation with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology
  • Uses a combination of three advanced technologies, balancing the use of debris extraction and vacuum suction: agitate, brush and suction
  • Roomba can be preset to vacuum up to seven times per week giving you a clean home, every day
  • Automatically returns to its Home Base between cleanings to recharge
  • With just the press of a button, Roomba gets to work
Popularity: 96 / 100
Release Date: 22 Aug 2013
  • We recommend using mild solutions or just tap water. We recommend staying away from harsh cleaners as they can be hard on Braava's internal parts and soapy solutions that may cause the wheels to slip while cleaning or clog the wick on the Reservoir Pad.
  • Northstar Navigation works like an indoor GPS to clean until the job is done. Choose from two modes - dry sweeping or damp mopping
  • Use with disposable or microfiber cleaning cloths to pick up daily dirt, dust and hair
  • Turbo Charge Cradle recharges Braava in just two hours
  • Reusable microfiber cleaning cloths included - one dry sweeping cloth and one damp mopping cloth
Popularity: 96 / 100
£209.98 Show listing
Bronze Metallic
  • Smart App & voice controls: use Alexa or google home voice commands to direct cleaning. Use the Ecovacs app to customize, schedule & monitor cleaning sessions, accessory status, & receive error alerts
  • Auto-clean + 4 specialized cleaning Modes: smart motion guided Auto-clean mode, plus single room & Spot mode for targeted cleaning, edge mode for hard-to-clean edges, & max mode for 2x the normal cleaning power.
  • 3 stage cleaning system: industry leading cleaning system that combines high-efficiency vacuum suction, a deep reach helix main brush & dual wide reach side brushes.
  • ECOVACS basic features: includes anti-drop & anti-collision Sensors, 100-minute life Lithium battery, auto-return charging, durable protective bumpers, air filtration, anti-scratch finish, a large easy-to-empty dustbin, large wheels for climbing thresholds, etc.
  • Accessories: includes (1) remote control, (1) main brush, (2) side brushes, (1) docking station & fantastic customer support.
Popularity: 95 / 100
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Release Date: 12 Nov 2015
  • Simultaneously sweeps, vacuums, mops, and UV sterilizes different types of floors
  • 1-liter dustbin is the largest in the industry
  • HEPA filtration removes harmful allergens and dust mites from the air
  • Specially made for cleaning up pet hair and fur
  • Dual voltage Type A adapter; Bob automatically recharges when low on battery
Popularity: 95 / 100
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Graphite Grey
Release Date: 1 Nov 2016
  • Pet hair, dust and allergens that linger in the home are first to go - The exclusive D-Shape design mimicks corners of your home for a precise clean that round-shaped robotic vacuums simply can't do
  • Use the Neato app to start, stop, find, schedule and receive notifications from your smart vacuum even when you're not home - download the app via smartphone, tablet or smart-watch
  • Smart navigation precisely scans, maps and methodically cleans, instead of bouncing around, while you sit back and relax - Welcome your new bot vacuum as a self-sufficient addition to the family
  • A deep clean you will actually see - thanks to the superb engineering of the Neato Botvacs technology, the spiral combo brush, extra-large dustbin, and ultra-performance filter
  • The intelligent vacuum robot always goes back to its base to recharge and picks up directly where it left off until the job is done - no need to ever pick up and redirect
Popularity: 95 / 100
Release Date: March 2016
Popularity: 95 / 100
Release Date: 2016
  • ILIFE V5S Pro Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an essential household cleaning machine. With Intelligent Anti-collision System Sensor, it can prevent collision and protect furniture from damage
  • 850Pa Super Suction can help you save energy and time. Powerful intelligent cleaning, wet and dry cleaning and multiple cleaning modes for your free choice.
  • The coverage size is up to 150 - 180 square meters. The noise is less than 50dB, it will give you a quiet room.
  • Suitable for the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet, etc. You deserve to own it.
Popularity: 95 / 100
Satin Titanium
Release Date: 16 Apr 2017
  • Extra slim body, extra powerful suction - powerfully cleans even the most hard-to-reach places.
  • Visionary mapping plus system - "maps your rooms to identify the optimal cleaning path.
  • Self-cleaning brush - less dust & hair clogging up the brush. Noise level is 77 dBA
  • Wi-Fi control - control it with your smartphone while away from home.
  • Easy pass - large wheels move smoothly over obstacles.
£400 (used)
Popularity: 95 / 100
£400 (used) Show listing
Release Date: June 2016
  • Advanced Cleaning head
Popularity: 95 / 100
White / Black
Release Date: 2012
  • Intelligent navigation with iAdapt Responsive Cleaning Technology.
  • Works on carpet, hardwood, tile and linoleum.
  • Automatically recharges
  • Uses acoustic sensors to detect small particles and focus cleaning.
  • Automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs.
  • 2 Year Warranty
Popularity: 95 / 100
Release Date: 2016
  • Mops and sweeps hard floors including hardwood, tile, and stone in kitchens, bathrooms, and other small spaces
  • Gets into hard-to-reach places, including under and around toilets, into corners, and below cabinets
  • Precision Jet Spray and Vibrating Cleaning Head tackle dirt and stains such as dried coffee and soda
  • Automatically selects the correct cleaning mode based on Braava jet pad type, choose from wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping
  • Won't spray or harm walls and furniture, avoids stairs and riding up on rugs. Tip - Before using a Wet Mopping or Damp Sweeping pad, use a Dry Sweeping pad or vacuum to clean loose debris
  • Note: Refer page 16 of User manual for Troubleshooting steps
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